awareness-raising session for the children of Beit Raja on the dangers of using arms and engaging children in armed conflict.

The International Labor Organization (ILO), in cooperation with the Permanent Peace Movem

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peace through service for leadership

حركة السلام الدائم تعمل على تنفيذ مخيم صيفي للشباب اللبناني، السوري، الفلسطيني والعراقي في بلدة رمحالا

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PPM in partnership with IDEA & UNDEF: DEEP-CSS

The P

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global week of action against gun violence

In the occation of global week of action against gun violence, PPM launched a national campaign t

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The Permanent Peace Movement (PPM) was founded in 1986 (Register Nr; 86/A.D. 24/5/1986), at the height of the Lebanese civil war, by a group of university students. Unified by their aversion to violence and common vision of a brighter, more peaceful future, they set the cornerstone for what has grown into an experienced organization that promotes peace throughout the MENA region.

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