ATT will be legally binding on December 2014

On 25 September 2014, 50 states ratified the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). On 24 December 2014, ATT will enter into force and be legally binding worldwide. Over 122 states have signed the treaty so far and 54 countries ratified. The treaty is supposed to make a meaningful contribution for peace and security

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PPM Participation in Beirut Marathon 2014

At least 425 from 12 different high school students, teachers, PPM volunteers and staff participated in this year's Beirut Marathon, which took place under the slogan Peace - Love - Run.

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The Permanent Peace Movement (PPM) was founded in 1986 (Register Nr; 86/A.D. 24/5/1986), at the height of the Lebanese civil war, by a group of university students. Unified by their aversion to violence and common vision of a brighter, more peaceful future, they set the cornerstone for what has grown into an experienced organization that promotes peace throughout the MENA region.

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